Aputure Gigtube Digital Screen Remote Viewfinder gives you more remote control with most DSLRs

By YourDealer | Apr 11, 2010

Most DSLRs today sport live view features, as we all know, but being able to remotely watch a scene and control your DSLR is another story, isn’t it?

The Aputure Gigtube is a plug-in, external LCD display and camera controller for digital SLR cameras. It works with all the major digital SLRs (except Sony) and provides a live feed via the camera’s LiveView function. If LiveView isn’t available on the camera, the Gigtube will still display the photo that has just been taken so you can review it. The Gigtube’s screen is a 2.5″, 230 kpixel 16 million colour unit and it connects to the camera via it’s video out port and USB control port.

It comes with a 2m extension cable or you can attach it to the camera via the flash hot-shoe. The display rotates 270° and it has a built-in rechargeable battery that will last about 3 hours on a full charge.

Compatible with any camera with a video output, the Aputure Gigtube screen can automatically display an image immediately after shooting it, or can stream the video feed from live view. Moreover, the LCD screen is rotatable for different angle view and this gadget offers the remote shutter release function.

How can you use it? How is the Aputure Gigtube going to come in handy to the pro-am photographer?
Check some examples.

Self-portraits viewfinder
Aputure Gigtube can automatically transfer the live view mode of the camera (if the camera supports) on the LCD screen so you make a shooting toward your side to freely take photos of you and with your friend or family, just like you shoot other object, easily.

High-angle (position) viewfinder
When shooting an object in high position that not easily accessible or overlooking to shoot and more such situations, the Aputure Gigtube can make its powerful effect by its live view and instant photo display function and off-camera remote shutter release function.

Off-camera remote shutter release
When shooting an object in high position that not easily accessible or overlooking to shoot and more such situations, the Aputure Gigtube can make its powerful effect by its live view and instant photo display function and off-camera remote shutter release function.

Low-angle (position) viewfinder
Aputure Gigtube is usefully in the situations where the camera is positioned in a way that makes viewing the camera’s screen difficult or impossible. There is a hot shoe mount for making above-the-head and low-angle shooting easier.

There are different models of the Aputure Gigtube for each camera manufacturer
specifically for Nikon (D700 /D300 /D300s/D3/D3x/D200/D2Xs/D2Hs/D2x/D2H Cameras) or Canon (EOS 5D/50D/40D/30D/20D/1D Mark III/1Ds Mark III Cameras) among others.

The good news is that now they are available with some interesting discount (up to 37%) at around US 189.95!

A compact, stylish and easy digital camera? Fujifilm FinePix Z30!

By YourDealer | Mar 21, 2010

The Fujifilm FinePix Z30 may look like a toy, but this fashion-first point-and-shoot camera takes excellent photos.

Boasting a high-resolution 2.7-inch LCD screen, the 10-megapixel FinePix Z30 has a Fujinon 3x optical zoom lens and is designed for ultra-portability, making this the ideal camera for the fashionista on-the-go. Like its predecessor, the Fujifilm Z20, the Fujifilm Z30 can Face it, Blog it and Roll it.

Users can Face It with Fujifilm’s innovative Face Detection Technology with Automatic Red Eye Removal for capturing the ultimate group shots; Blog it with the innovative Blog Mode, making it effortless for social-media-savvy users to post pictures and videos to personal profile pages, blogs and video sharing websites or simply to e-mail to friends; and Roll it with the Successive Movie mode that allows users to create 60 second movie clips.

Starting with the front of the Fujifilm FinePix Z30, a shiny, button-bedecked faceplate protects the lens when the camera is powered off; sliding it to one side turns the camera on. The shutter button and the speaker are the only two items on the top of the camera. A slightly grainy 2.7in-diagonal LCD and 10 rubber buttons handle all of the controls on the back of the FinePix Z30.

The Fujifilm FinePix Z30 is available now for US $76.95 (you save: $73.00 [-49%] ).

Pentax K-7 DSLR: a great digital camera, a smart choice and now a deal too!

By YourDealer | Mar 10, 2010

The Pentax K-7 is the new jewel in the company’s crown, with a long list of specs well beyond any previous Pentax DSLR. Existing Pentax users will be pleased to finally see a much-wanted pro-level upgrade, whereas those familiar with other manufacturers’ systems may also be drawn in thanks to an all-encompassing features list.

The Pentax K-7 has been built from the ground up by Pentax and, unlike the K20D and K10D which had Samsung GX20 and GX10 equivalents, is a standalone venture. The build quality is a key sell; ruggedly made, but following Pentax’s ultimately ‘classic’ design, the body is made from a magnesium alloy that’s both dust and weather-sealed at 77 points. Shooting in sand, getting splashed with rain or other treacherous conditions need not be a bother and, despite this upgrade, the whole camera is even marginally smaller and lighter than the previous K20D. The featured 18-55mm kit lens follows suit, as does the optional D-BG4 battery grip (which offers both AA and li-ion battery options) to complete a fully weather-and-dust-sealed unit in its entirety.

A high-resolution 14.6MP CMOS sensor is at the heart of the K-7’s body, which whilst not a step up over the K20D in terms of resolution, does double the number of output channels. The result? More information can speed through the K-7’s buffer for faster continuous shooting than ever before – a firm 5.2 frames per second sees the K20D’s 3fps barrier officially trounced; ideal for those looking to shoot sports or action photography.

Unlike its key competitors – namely the Nikon D300 and Canon 50D – the Pentax K-7, like many Pentax DSLRs before it, incorporates Shake Reduction (SR) into the camera body itself. Crucially this means even old K-mount bayonet-fit lenses can benefit from this function, and new lenses will not cost as much as their (hypothetical) stabilised counterparts.

A notable – and very much ‘flavour of 2009’ – feature is the inclusion of a 720p HD movie mode, plus the inclusion of a superior 1536×1024 capture that can be output at 1080i, though this is not ‘Full HD’ capture. Mono sound is recorded from the camera’s body, or there is the option to use the 3.5mm jack socket to plug in a microphone and record in stereo. Aperture can be set as fixed via the camera body for recording or there’s an automatic variable aperture mode, which adjusts the aperture according to the amount of light available throughout recording. Whilst in-camera shake reduction can also be used to full effect, it is not possible to autofocus whilst recording – though it is entirely plausible this will be possible in the future, if the clever bods at Pentax fix up the necessary firmware.

In keeping up with the competition, the Pentax K-7 adorns a 920,000 dot high resolution 3in LCD screen. Whilst it’s not a tilt and swivel screen as seem to be creeping into a number of camera bodies of late, it does auto-rotate images on the screen itself and, in keeping with orientation, has a virtual horizon level too – a really nice touch when in live view mode.

With customisable white balance settings, a shutter speed up to 1/8000th second, 77 segment metering system, the new SAFOX VIII+ 11-point AF system with AF illuminator lamp, in-camera HDR, and D-Range shadow and highlight adjustment options, the features list is certainly bulging. The K-7’s viewfinder has the much-sought after 100% field of view too, ensuring what you see is exactly what you’ll capture.

Now it’s your choice: which bargain are you going to take?

It’s either a Pentax K-7 with DA 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AL Weather Resistant Lens bundle priced at US $1,104.99 (saving up to 47% over regular price, that’s $979.11!) or the body-only Pentax K-7 priced at $979.00 that’s $320.95 (-25%)!

Mimo Mini USB Monitor: extra screen pixels, just one cable and low on budget!

By YourDealer | Feb 9, 2010

Looking for that extra bit of screen real estate to get you through the busy workday? Referring to notes while writing an e-mail, checking info in a spreadsheet while entering data into a web page, keeping an eye on your to-do list while browsing YouTube… it’s handy to have additional monitor space at the ready.
Problem is an entire secondary monitor comes with its own needs like requiring a separate power cord or perhaps an additional video card.

The MIMO USB Monitor changes this equation completely by offering a low-maintenance relationship between you and an extra display.
A single USB connection from your computer gets you an instant high-resolution secondary display. This awesome display is perfect for your IM client, widgets, PC gaming tools, your email, a spreadsheet, your PhotoShop tools, or even video! Not only do these displays enhance productivity, they look great!
The single USB connection, combined with a weight of only 1.3 pounds, means the Mimo monitor is ultra portable and cost-effective, as no expensive extra video cards are required.
It’s PC and Mac compatible, altough you’ll need to buy separate drivers to enable touchscreen features on Intel-based Macs (drivers are around $30).

There are three models you should be looking at:

MIMO UM-720S Touch Screen USB Powered 7 inch Swivel LCD Screen Mini Display: MIMO UM-720S features integrated stand and cover, 90 degree pivoting functionality, a 800×480 resolution LCD, and a resistive touch screen, that can be used in portrait or landscape mode.

MIMO UM-710S Slider Monitor
The original utility of the Mimo gets even more portable with the innovative slider model. Almost half the thickness of the iMo monitor, the slider features a folding stand that also serves to protect the screen. Available for US $ 149.99.

The MIMO UM730 features a USB Powered 7″ Swivel LCD Screen Mini Display With Built in Webcam, Microphone & Speaker Output and is available for US $ 169.99!

Any further questions?

Here are some FAQs.

What about Mimo connections?

It’s extremely easy to set up the Mimo. Install the drivers on the provided CD-ROM. Plug in the USB connector! Amazingly, there is only one connector, as the Mimo is completely USB powered.

Ok, one more display is good, but how many Mimo monitors can I connect to my PC?

Theoretically a PC can recognize up to 127 USB devices! However, with current PC systems, we recommend the following maximum number of Mimo displays:
1-2 Mimo displays: 1.2 GHz CPU / 512 MB RAM
3-5 Mimo displays: 1.8 GHz CPU / 1GB RAM
6 Mimo displays: 1.6 GHz Dual-Core CPU / 1GB RAM

Can I attach my Mimo monitor to a USB hub?

Yes, Mimo monitors can be connected to a powered USB 2.0 hub.

Take a look at MIMO USB Monitors!

Yamaha Micro Component System MCR-040: made for iPod, fits your music requirements

By YourDealer | Jan 24, 2010

Yamaha has introduced the Made for iPod Yamaha MCR-040 micro-component music system – and we love the orange 70s-looking version!

The stylish-and-cool Yamaha MCR-040 system features iPod playback as well as a CD player, front panel USB port, FM radio and mini jack inputs for portable audio devices and currently available in ten colors.

The Yamaha MCR-040 has iPod docks built into their top panels, allowing users to take out the ear buds and share their favorite music with friends and automatically recharge the portable devices.
Uncompressed audio is delivered for high fidelity playback through the systems speakers which can be placed anywhere in the room. The MCR-040 also automatically power on when a connected iPod starts playback.

The high sound quality of the Yamaha MCR-040 is delivered by a Yamaha digital amplifier with extremely low noise distortion. Two highly responsive 4 inch speakers provide dynamic bass response for powerful, clean sound from any music library. Both models also offer a card-type remote control for operating the system and connected devices.

The Yamaha MCR-040 puts your favorite music sources within easy reach. It’s got a CD player, an FM radio, USB and mini jack inputs for portable audio devices, and a dock on top for an iPod, which you can control with the handy card-sized remote control. The iPod and USB device charge both while in use and in standby mode. What’s more, it has both a clock timer and a sleep timer.

Perfectly Matched Amp and Speakers
Both the amp and speakers are designed for high efficiency and performance, so the sound is bigger and better than you expect from components of this size. They were also planned and carefully tested for best audio integration.

Advanced YST Technology Delivers Big Bass Sound
Advanced Yamaha Active Servo Technology (YST) is a major reason for the high performance of Yamaha speakers, and is especially suited for small speakers. The CD receiver and speakers work together, using negative impedance drive to produce small low-frequency signals, which are enhanced to large outputs by precisely designed speaker cabinet and port. The result is powerful, accurate bass that seems to be coming from a much larger speaker.

VCCS Technology
Vibration Control Cabinet Structure(VCCS) solves the problem of speaker cabinet vibration with strategically placed pieces of wood whose shapes, positions and angles were arrived at after a long process of experimentation. It also uses special foam rubber that provides excellent vibration isolation performance.

The Yamaha MCR-040 is available now priced at US $279.95.

A Blu-ray Disc Player with Youtube and Netflix plus USB? LG BD 390 is the answer – now 25% off!

By YourDealer | Dec 27, 2009

Let’s put it this way: for now, the LG BD 390
is the only Blu-ray player that will allow you to get rid of your “old” DVD/DivX players, and send them to desired retirement. What’s more, this player will allow you to watch HD movies in compressed (among others MKV) format.

Audio outputs on the rear of the LG BD 390 (in addition to HDMI) include coaxial and optical digital for increased compatibility with older A/V receivers without HDMI audio support.
Analog audio aficionados may appreciate the BD390’s outputs for 7.1-channel surround sound, although 5.1 and 2.1 configurations can also be selected in the player’s audio setup menu.

The LG BD 390 supports playback of a long list of multimedia file types including JPEG, MP3, DivX and DivX HD, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and MKV-wrapped (Matroska) files. You can get these files to the player via the front-mounted USB port or a local network connection to a DLNA-compliant server. (The BD390 includes a copy of Nero MediaHome 4 Essentials that can create a DLNA-compliant server with a Windows-based PC.)

The LG BD 390 features YouTube and Netflix video streaming, and a recent firmware update for both players added the ability to browse and shop CinemaNow’s online movie catalog. The BD390 sports multichannel analog audio outputs, multimedia streaming capabilities, and integrated Wi-Fi too.

Equipped with 1GB of internal flash storage, the BD390 doesn’t require any user-added memory to access the BD-Live streaming multimedia features that are increasingly being included in newer Blu-ray titles. I look forward to the day that this memory is standard on all players—not just on premium models.

The BD390 is one of the fastest Blu-ray player ever tested.

Over HDMI, the BD390 can output 1080p60, or 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second (fps) and 1080p24 video to a compatible TV.

Shopping season special, not just for kids: EyeClops Mini Projector – for all, with huge savings!

By YourDealer | Dec 26, 2009

We have seen the EyeClops Night Vision Goggles before and they were one of the coolest tech toys last holiday season. A new EyeClops product has been announced that is called the EyeClops Mini Projector.
The projector allows movies, games and more to be projected onto a screen or wall to be viewed.

The EyeClops Mini Projector is pocketsize and lightweight for portability. LED backlighting is bright enough to project games and other sources up to 70-inches in size from any multimedia device from Blu-ray players to game consoles.

Speakers are built-in to the device for sound and it can run for up to ten hours on standard D cell batteries or indefinitely with an included AC adapter.

Get the EyeClops Mini Projector now: tag price is $54.97 (you’re super saving: $45.02 – 45% less!)

Shopping season special: Do you love Internet radio? Get (or give) Logitech Squeezebox Radio or Aluratek AIRMM01 Internet Radio!

By YourDealer | Dec 25, 2009

We do love streaming radios!
Besides using iTunes, WinAmp or a Shoutcast streaming server, we love all stand-alone devices that stream music from the tens-of-thousands internet radio stations out there.

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, but internet radios give you such a great amount of choice, so here’s a couple of the best and latest internet radio devices right in time for Xmas shopping season!

The first-class choice: Logitech Squeezebox Radio

The Logitech Squeezebox Radio is a first class, excellent Internet radio with clock/alarm functions. With the Flickr app installed, it will display photos stored under user’s Flickr account. Other capabilities which are nice to have but not likely to be widely used include its ability to stream audio from a computer or double up as an iPod speaker.

With the rash of recent A/V components integrating the plethora of web related, streaming audio content into their feature set, Logitech has been streamlining their delivery of the same content in their Squeezebox series. The Squeezebox Radio is Logitech’s most recent release into this field. The compact form factor of the Squeezebox Radio is designed for an audience looking to bring their library of music into a smaller room. Additionally, the Squeezebox Radio is ideal for those who have a Wi-Fi network already established for streaming audio files.

The Logitech Squeezebox Radio comes packaged in a small box and wrapped in light plastic packaging. It also comes wrapped in a thin plastic film designed to keep smudges off the finish. The piano black, glossy finish (also available in red) is very susceptible to fingerprints and dust is very visible as well. The only two cords that come with the Squeezebox radio are the AC adaptor (which uses the new detachable plug design) and a 3.5mm cord for connecting other audio sources such as an iPod Touch or another form of audio player.
Squeezebox red version

The Logitech Squeezebox Radio is about 8.5 inches in length, 5 inches wide and 5 inches deep. There is an indention in the rear of the unit to act as a handle if you plan to use the unit as a portable device. The rear of the unit also has the AC power connection port, an Ethernet cord port for a wired connection to your network and the audio-in port. The 3.5mm headphone port is on the right side of the unit.

The front of the unit is split in half, the left side being the built-in speaker (a 3-inch driver with a ¾ inch tweeter) and the right side containing all the buttons to navigate around your music collection. There are 6 preset buttons that surround the 2.4 inch color display. Simply holding down one of the buttons during your favorite streaming station OR audio file on your server will make that a quick way to get to that music.

The color screen is quite clear and I would equate the quality in image similar to my iPhone. It loads up track information, album covers and the Wi-Fi connection strength on the screen during playback. It will also auto-dim the screen after a period of non-use. Below the screen, you will find the standard music playback tools, volume controls and menu navigation buttons. The main menu navigation tool is a large dial just below the screen. This scroll wheel makes for quick navigation as well as item selection by pushing the dial into the unit.

The Logitech Squeezebox Radio retails for US $ $182.56 (saving is about 9%!)

Aluratek AIRMM01: simple and smart

Aluratek AIRMM01 brings the clock-radio into the 21st Century. It connects to your Wi-fi at home, and delivers almost any radio station you want from around the world.

Choose between more than 11,000 radio stations worldwide via built-in vTuner with no monthly cost!
The Aluratek AIRMM01 is compatible with universal Plug-n-Play audio servers such as: Microsoft Media Player 11 (WMP11), Microsoft Media Connect and MusicMatch Jukebox.
It features Wireless access – WIFI 802.11 b and g, Ethernet LAN port and USB 2.0 (host only) connectivity
You can access music files (MP3, WMA, WAV file formats) stored on a USB 2.0 flash drive, MP3 player or Hard drive through the unit’s USB port and has an alarm clock function with 2 programmable alarms wakes you up to internet radio, FM radio, digital music, or choice of several alarm tones.

It’s that simple and affordable too!

Get the Aluratek AIRMM01 now for US $ 89.99 (that’s 40% off regular price!)

Bowers & Wilkins’ $400 Zeppelin Mini iPod sound system !

By YourDealer | Dec 24, 2009

Bowers & Wilkins has never been one to play the bargain game, and the $399.95 price tag on its new Zeppelin Mini is evidence of that very fact.

Joining the award-winning B&W Zeppelin family is B&W Zeppelin Mini. It gives you everything you love about Zeppelin–incredible sound, intelligent design, elegant connectivity–in a smaller, compact package that’s perfect for desktops and bedside tables. Because even when your space is limited, it doesn’t mean your sound has to be.

The somewhat miniaturized iPod sound system is up for pre-order as we speak on Amazon, and we’ve heard directly from the company that it’ll be shipping out to US-based consumers in “early November.”

So, is a flashy design, a pair of 3-inch drivers, 3.5 millimeter auxiliary input jack, USB 2.0 port and a promise of a better tomorrow enough to pry those four Benjamins out of your hand?

B&W Zeppelin Mini’s new features? USB Streaming!

Music can be streamed direct from a PC or Mac via the USB socket. This means that any computer system can benefit from the improved sound quality and digital sound processing, offered by Zeppelin Mini’s Digital Sound Processing (DSP) and drive unit technology.

The USB connection in the back of the B&W Zeppelin Mini allows for:

  • Audio streaming from iPod via docking arm
  • Audio streaming from PC/Mac via mini USB connection located on back of the unit
  • iPod/PC/Mac sync (when Zeppelin Mini is in standby): Synchronize iTunes and the docked iPod
  • Firmware upgrades to keep product up-to-date with new iPhone/iPod releases

Order here your Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Mini Docking Speaker for iPod!

iPhone BackFlip: simple, practical, inexpensive! (the perfect gift!)

By YourDealer | Dec 23, 2009

The BackFlip is really simple, and simply a delight. The BackFlip is an iPhone case that serves the same purpose as the most popular rubber iPhone cases which have literally sold tens of millions of units. It has the same shock-absorbing qualities as rubber cases, as well as the sticky, non-slip performance so that phone doesn’t move when you put it down. However, the BackFlip goes way beyond the basic rubber case in that with the simplest yet ingenuous feature: it has a well-designed pop-out stand on its back.

With the stand, you can easily prop up the iPhone vertically or horizontally, making it easy to view videos, pictures, web pages or emails without needing to hold the iPhone. I view all sorts of content on my iPhone all the time, and always get tired of holding the phone. So I either end up laying it down flat – requiring me to tilt my head to see it properly – or having to MacGyver together some odds and ends to prop the phone up so I can view the content. With the BackFlip, you simply flip the stand out and voila, the phone is propped up instantly for viewing.

The BackFlip’s price won’t even set you back: it’s just US $ 29.95 !!!

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